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Zeidabadi trading has been started its activities in the field of dealing and exporting all kinds of pistachio and pistachio kernel by the management of Ali Zaidabadi since 1380 of the solar year that is equivalent to 2001 A.D.

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During this time we have largely satisfied our domestic customers. Also, every year we have pleasantly welcomed new customers too. Interestingly, after the first customers’ cooperation experience, they have had full satisfaction, therefore, the old customers compliment and recommend our company to other prospect customers as well.


Accordingly, the number of buyers of this company is noticeably and acceptably increasing every year. Accordingly, the number of buyers of this company is noticeably and acceptably increasing every year. In this commercial company the transactions have been carried out in the high Tonnage indication, so it pleasantly reveals our ability and sufficient specialization in trading high volume pistachio transactions. So, if you need high volume demand, we can meet your need.


Typically, for a number of buyers our products have been as suppliers. It means that these buyers are often the packaging companies from all over the world. So, after buying from us, they will pack the products in small packages and send to the shops for consumers consuming. Additionally, some department stores and shops are our stable customers too. They tend to marginalize the dealers role and directly buy the products with more competitive price.


Therefore, we have decided to obtain the necessary permits and certifications to introduce, provide and export our products to the international arena. According to the demand and need of customers, our products can be supplied with different types of packaging, including sacks of 50 kg, 30 kg, 25 kg and 10 kg carton to our dear customers.

If you hopefully plan to buy from us, you can peacefully negotiate and do your shopping so that you can experience a healthy and safe trading.


Pleasantly, we will accompany you from the origin to destination. As we have always been responsible for and obsessed about having honesty with our customers, we have been trying to maintain the quality of our products in order to keep our customers satisfaction. Hope that we can provide quality, integrity and satisfaction in order to mutually observe all the customers satisfaction.